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November 08, 2016


Scheduled maintenance on November 9th and 10th

Tonight and tomorrow night, between 0 and 8 AM CET, our hoster will perform scheduled maintenance in our primary data center. Within these time frames, mite won’t be available for a couple of minutes each night. This is necessary to deploy a security update which requires a server reboot. We ask for your understanding.

Update: Maintenance was completed successfully, all servers are patched now. mite was unavailable for 18 minutes on November 9th and for a total of 53 on November 10th. The downtimes were longer than expected, and we are sorry for that. A hardware node initially didn’t boot correctly on the second night of maintenance. Hopefully, we did not overly disturb your work.

August 17, 2016


Security update

You are wonderful. We’ve been experiencing this day by day for almost ten years now. Whether you’re getting in touch with a question, or a suggestion on how to improve mite: we experience savvy and knowledge, sympathy and kindness. And, most notably, helpfulness. For this, we thank all of you.

Today, we’d like to thank one person especially: Marcel Eichner. He informed us about a security vulnerability last Thursday. Thanks to his detailed description, we could immediately reproduce it. We deployed a security fix three hours later. Thanks for your support, Marcel!

One, we do not have indication for an exploit of the vulnerability. Two, personal data could not have been read or modified. Nevertheless, as a matter of principle we want to inform you in detail.

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May 26, 2016

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Scheduled maintenance on May 31st

Our hoster will perform maintenance work in our main data center during the night from Monday to Tuesday, May 31st, between 0:00 and 6:00 AM CEST. They will update the core routers. During the given timeframe, internet connection might be disrupted for up to two hours. Unfortunately, mite won’t be available then.

We wish our hoster SysEleven a smooth course of these necessary works. And we ask for your understanding. Hopefully, these updates won’t interfere with your working hours.

Update: Maintenance has been completed successfully at 4:18 AM. mite was continuously available.

May 04, 2016

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Updated backend engine

Since yesterday night, mite is running on an updated version of its underlying application framework. Furthermore, we deployed some small fixes, e.g. performance improvements for users with a very high number of active customers and projects.

Deploying such updates is a routine job as a mite.caretaker. We document yesterday’s update here today because it temporarily introduced a bug. Fortunately, several users let us know immediately.

We have fixed the error as well as its temporary effects in the meantime. But we don’t want to sweep such problems under the rug, but instead inform you in detail about what went wrong and how we dealt with it. You should be able to count on that.

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February 24, 2016

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Scheduled maintenance

Tonight, starting at 8:15 PM CET (what time is that for me?) until approximately 9:15 PM, we’ll deploy some important updates to our servers. Within this time frame, mite won’t be available for about 10 minutes. We ask for your understanding.

Update: Maintenance took us a little longer than expected, but went just fine. mite was unavailable for four minutes only. Thanks for having kept your fingers crossed!

November 17, 2015


Remodeled Excel export

At the tab »Reports => Time entries« and optionally on shared reports, you can export time entries to Excel, and at »Reports => Projects«, projects. We remodeled these export features. Until now, mite generated Excel-specific XML. Now, mite generates XSLX.

Techie lingo aside, this update should ensure one thing: a stable, smooth export of your data. In current versions of Excel as well as, hopefully, in future ones.

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October 22, 2015

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Updated documentation of the mite.api

Developers, hear hear: we overhauled the documentation of our open data interface, the mite.api.

Besides the known XML format, all requests are now finally depicted in JSON, too. Furthermore, we described common mistakes, HTTP status codes, and some previously undocumented features such as sorting time entries, filter shortcuts, and HTTP caching.

Cheers to a more helpful documentation, and happy coding! Please be so kind and get in touch if you stumble upon any inconsistencies.

September 08, 2015

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Today’s service interruption

Since 14:05 CEST, mite is not available due to a problem in our primary data center. We’re terribly sorry, please, excuse us! We’ll do everything to get mite up and running again as soon as possible. Please visit Twitter to get the newest information on this issue, we’ll update continuously.

Update: Since 14:51 CEST, mite is available and at your service again. Of course, your data was safe anytime. You can always rely on that.

The interruption occured because of a network/DNS problem in our main data center. We’ll discuss it in-detail with our hoster soon, and try to come up with improvements. Again: we are so sorry for this downtime!

Update: The network problems were caused by a line fault in the greater Berlin area which resulted in large parts of the Internet at the internet exchange node BCIX not being reachable. Thus, our hoster has diverted traffic to another node. Since then, mite has been available and stable again.

May 15, 2015


Today’s service interruption

Between 8:16 and 8:39 CEST this Friday morning, mite was unavailable for all users. We are so sorry for this interruption!

A kernel error in our main database server caused the downtime. All monitoring systems warned us right away. Two minutes later, we were investigating. Three minutes later, our hoster was hands on, and restarted the server in question. This fixed the root of the problem, but mite needed some more minutes to get back on track completely. Tracking timers were not interrupted. And of course, no data was damaged – it was not in danger at any time.

Again: we are very sorry. Nevertheless, we’d like to take this interruption as an opportunity to thank our hoster SysEleven. Since July 2012, a few hiccups for less than five minutes aside, mite was running steadily and reliably. This was the first big downtime in almost three years. That’s a great service level. Thanks for your support, SysEleven.

May 21, 2014


Updated background engines

Since last night, mite is running on a new version of its underlying application framework. Starting at 1am (CEST), we took mite offline for about 15 minutes to deploy the update and perform some database migrations.

If you cannot notice anything working differently, we put our thumbs up. Yes, the update speeds up mite a little bit and will help us maintaining it, but it did not change anything on a feature level. Nevertheless, if you happen to stumble upon a bug, please tell us so we can fix it right away. Send us a detailed e-mail which includes information on your browser version. Thanks!

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