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February 20, 2015


Updated: mite.go, the iPhone app for mite

Oh no, this update does not only feature a pimped button here and a prettier color there. Daniel Rinser and Victor Saar re-built their native iPhone app mite.go from scratch.

Although mite.go kept its main features, the new version feels quite different. Adding time entries, running the timer, managing customers, projects, and services—all of these tasks can be handled much more smoothly, thanks to the re-thought interface, optimized for current iPhones with larger Retina displays and iOS8.

mite.go: Time tracking iPhone app

The detached timer tab is gone. Instead, you can now access all time tracking features directly from one single tab, as you’re used to from mite. Plus, the weekly calendar found its way into mite.go, too.

Last but not least, mite.go caught up from a technical point of view. Unsurprisingly, lots of things have changed since 2010, when the two independant developers released the first version of their app.

Please head over to the App Store to download the update. If you use mite.go already, the update is for free. For new users, it’s $4.99 (4.99 €, 5.00 CHF).

Please note: mite.go communicates with your mite.account through the mite.api, our open data interface. You’ll have to allow API access for your account first, so the app will be able to work properly. Click on your user name in the upper right-hand corner of mite to allow API access.

Thanks for your dedication, Daniel and Victor!

November 11, 2014

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Freedom for mite.desk

mite.desk, the windows client for mite developed by 69°‘s Thomas Bandt in 2009, is free now: it’s available on GitHub under a free licence. If you’re a user, you can download it for free. If you’re a developer, you can improve, extend, built-on, or learn from it as you wish.

Thanks for your great decision, Thomas! We really appreciate it. It’s fair, wise, and awesome to open source a project instead of silently shutting it down, in case one does not have the time or energy to maintain it anymore. Fingers crossed for you, mite.desk: hopefully, you’ll meet some kind developers who wish to grant you a second life.

October 27, 2014


Meet Clockson, the new iPhone app for mite

Hear hear, iPhone users: There’s a new app to track your time on the go, Clockson!

Time tracking on the iPhone with Clockson

NinjaConcept, a software studio from Germany, initially developed the app for themselves. Now, they released the app into the wild, so all other mite.users can track their time via Clockson, too. Besides manually adding your hours, you can let the timer do the tracking. In the footer of the app, you can see at a glance how many hours you already worked on the current day, the current week, or the current month. Clockson is a simple yet helpful app with a fresh, clean look.

Clockson is available on the App Store for free, and will remain free for the near future.

Please note: Clockson communicates with your mite.account through the mite.api, our open data interface. You’ll have to allow API access for your account first, so the app will be able to work properly. Click on your user name in the upper right-hand corner of mite to allow API access.

If you give Clockson a try, please be so kind to take a minute to leave a review on the App Store, or a comment right here. You’ll not only support the Ninjas in improving their app, but you’ll also help other users with your opinion. Thanks in advance for your feedback—and thanks to the Ninjas for your dedication!

July 05, 2013

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Planscope project management integrates with mite

The web-based project management tool Planscope now integrates with mite. When you start a timer on a task in Planscope, or add a time entry manually, this time will show up in mite too. Thanks to the integration, you won’t have to add any more time entries twice.

Project management tool Planscope integrates with mite

Projects in Planscope can be bundled with projects in mite. Also, you can define a service to which time entries in mite will be assigned. The title of the task in Planscope will be referenced as a note of each time entry in mite. There’s a short video on Planscope’s blog which shows the integration in action.

This new integration was developed and will be taken care of by Planscope. Thanks a lot for your time and effort, Brennan and team!

February 12, 2013

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DynaMite 3

Hear hear, Mac users: Do you use Lion or higher? Then this is for you. Version 3 of DynaMite, the sleek mite.client for Mac OS, has arrived!

DynaMite 3

What is DynaMite?

DynaMite is an add-on for Mac users which is developed and maintained by Swiss MediaAtelier. DynaMite is kind of a remote for your mite. It sits directly in the menu bar of your Mac. Right here, you’ll see at a glance if a timer is running, and if so, how many minutes you’ve been working already. Stop or edit running timers with a single click. Or create a new time entry with a running timer in no time at all.

What’s new in version 3?

  • Idle timers
  • Time entries with multiline notes
  • Click a day summary to view the corresponding mite.page
  • Increase or decrease running timers right from your menu bar
  • Switch easily between multiple mite.accounts

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July 02, 2012


Invoicing app smallinvoice integrates with mite

smallinvoice, a web-based invoicing and project management app made in Switzerland, now integrates with mite. You can import time entries tracked with mite, and convert them to an invoice with a few easy clicks. The integration is available in their advanced plan.

smallinvoice imports time entries tracked with mite

smallinvoice is the third invoicing app available in English that integrates with mite. Web-based SalesKing offers an import, and GrandTotal, a native Mac app, will be happy to convert your time entries as well.

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June 18, 2011


Meet Anytime, the mite.app for your iPhone

Four months ago, a third-party developer got in touch by e-mail. He asked us to check out the private beta of his iPhone app with full mite.support, Anytime. We did. We gazed. We were amazed. This guy did nothing less than a fully-featured mite for iPhone, out of the blue!

Anytime: time tracking with mite on your iPhone

Time tracking, management of customers, projects, and services, as well as detailed reporting, and export features to Dropbox on top. Anytime was a real deal, and got even better during the following months when we were invited to witness the ongoing improvements.

Today, Anytime is finally officially available on the App Store. It’s $4.99. Congrats to the launch, Josef Materi, and thanks for your dedication!

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June 11, 2011


New add-on: mite.touch, the app for webOS

Smartphone users, prick up your ears: there’s an app for your Palm Pre or Palm Pre2 now, too. In mite.touch, you can either track your time with a built-in timer, or you can add hours manually. You can manage your customers, projects, and services right in the app as well.

Time tracking on webOS with mite.touch

mite.touch is a 3rd party tool. It’s available from the App Catalog for $4.99, a one-time fee. Thanks so much for your great work, ZenAppStudios!

Please note: mite.touch communicates with your mite.account through the mite.api, our open data interface. You’ll have to allow API access for your account first, so mite.touch will be able to work properly. Click on your user name in the upper right-hand corner of mite to allow API access.

March 29, 2010


Upgraded: DynaMite, the mite.client for Mac users

Hear hear, Mac users: version 2.0 of DynaMite was released today. With DynaMite, you have full control over your timers directly from the menu bar of your operating system – it’s kind of a remote for your mite.

DynaMite, the sleek mite.client for Mac users

Thanks to the new version, time entries can now be enriched with notes. Plus, stopping a ticking timer became a whole lot easier: just right-click on the orange icon in your menu bar to stop the timer.


  • Always keep an eye on ticking timers; And never forget to switch ’em off, ever, again.
  • Start, stop or switch timers with a single click.
  • See the total working time of your last working days at a glance.

If you’re tracking your exact working hours throughout the day, DynaMite makes time tracking so much more easy. Really – we’ve been using it ourselves.

Installing DynaMite

DynaMite makes use of our open data interface, the mite.api. To setup the connection, you’ll have to activate the mite.api within your account first. You’ll find this option by clicking on your user name in the upper right-hand corner in mite. Please activate the corresponding checkbox there and save your changes.

During set-up, DynaMite will ask for your account name: that’s the subdomain of your mite.account. E.g., if you login at http://testteam.mite.yo.lk, the account name is »testteam«.

Later on, a window will pop up, asking for your e-mail address and your password, or, your Mac will ask you to allow using your mite.credentials stored in your key chain. Please enter the credentials asked or allow access to those infos in your key chain. DynaMite needs those credentials to connect with your mite.account.

Trial vs. full version

You can give DynaMite a try for free: the only limitation of the trial version is that timers won’t run for more than 30 minutes at one go.

A single license of the full version of DynaMite can be purchased within the external application. DynaMite is €10 $15, support by MediaAtelier included. Mac OS 10.5+ is required.

Merci, MediaAtelier

Adding notes to time entries in DynaMite was feature request number 1 since the first beta version. But, this feature wasn’t trivial to add. Stefan Fürst, developer of DynaMite, had to rebuild DynaMite from scratch to make this happen. Therefore, we’re double grateful he took this step. Thank you, Stefan!

Last but not least: Stefan is also the brain behind GrandTotal, the invoicing app for Mac users that integrates with mite. We’re happy to inform you that this hint might be special to you. There’s a promotion going on: If you buy GrandTotal and DynaMite bundled, you won’t pay a Cent for DynaMite. The bundle costs exactly the same as a regular license of GrandTotal.

Update, 2019: MediaAtelier doesn’t offer DynaMite to new customers anymore. So sad. However, as a current or former customer, you can still download DynaMite 3 over here.

January 18, 2010

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Trac2mite, a plugin to connect web-based project management with time tracking

Trac users, this one’s for you! Thanks to this plugin developed by Thomas Klein, time entries tracked on tickets within Trac can now be sent automatically to your mite.account.

trac2mite connects Trac with time tracking tool mite

Trac2mite joins the team of two other issue tracking systems that play well with mite already: Mantis and Redmine.

About Trac

Trac is an open source issue tracking system for software development projects. Besides issue tracking, it provides an interface to Subversion or other version control systems as well as an integrated Wiki. Trac is written in Python and actively developed since 2005.

Trac2mite: Features

Trac2mite connects your Trac account with your mite.account. Track your time on tickets within Trac and get them send automatically to mite. Within Trac, you might specify which projects and services from mite should be available to select in Trac. Furthermore, dynamic comments are available: you can specify if information such as the title or the ID of a ticket should be added to the notes of your time entries.


Trac2mite makes use of our open API. To setup the connection, you’ll have to activate the mite.api within your account first. You’ll find this option by clicking on your user name in the upper right-hand corner in mite. Please activate the corresponding checkbox there, copy your API key and save your changes.

Additionally, the TracHoursPlugin is required.

Currently, installing Trac2mite is a little bit tricky: Until this issue is resolved you’ll have to install the plugin in development mode as described in the Readme file, so please follow those instructions.


Please head over to GitHub to get the latest version of Trac2mite. Thomas Klein who developed the plugin published it under the free MIT license. Help yourself, grab it, fork it, improve it! And please don’t forget to get in touch with Thomas or a leave a comment here if you’re missing anything or would like to help by giving feedback. As the plugin is clearly beta, this would really help a great deal – thanks so much!

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