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March 17

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Financially struck by Corona? Get in touch.

Corona won’t pause mite. We are used to home office and almost all of our processes run fully digitally. Thus we’re confident that mite will go on without any major changes or disruptions.

mite is a lucky exception. Especially freelancers and teams who rely on physical human contact and events are already experiencing a drastic reduction of their income, and this will probably worsen in the months to come.

If you or your team is financially strained already or will probably be soon: please get in touch via e-mail. To you, we’ll provide mite for free for the next three months.

Yes of course this is only a tiny, tiny solidarity action – but maybe other companies that have some reserves will join?

Stay healthy everybody!


Alexandros Tsachouridis on Jun 1 at 0:58

Mir ist schon klar, warum der Gründer von www.baumbad.de bei Euch accounts hat. Der achtet einfach selbst darauf, dass er Leistungen von Leuten einkauft, die Werte vertreten. Werte die menschlich sind, Werte die wichtig sind.

Danke, dass es Euch gibt.
Aus München, Alexandros – www.moliwi.eu

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