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July 25, 2012

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Today’s server problems

Since 10:37 CEST, mite is not available continuously due to server problems. We’re terribly sorry, please, excuse us! We’ll do everything to get mite up and running again as soon as possible. Please visit Twitter to get the newest information on this issue, we’ll update continuously.

Update: Since 11:49 CEST, mite is available again after moving servers to another node. We’re continuing to watch super-closely. Details will follow. Again: so sorry for this interruption!

Update II: In the meantime, we collaborated with our hoster and found the source of the problem: A server of another customer running on our hardware node went wild and “stole” essential ressources from our database server. First, our hoster should have taken measures against this. Second, we too should have identified this troublemaker earlier and safeguarded mite. Our apologies. This interruption was an avoidable one.

Update III, July 27th, 10:15 CEST: Again, we’re having server problems—all bad things seem to come in pairs. Our database server is not running smoothly since 9:52 CEST. We’re so sorry for this rough ride. Please bear with us.

Update IV, July 27th, 11:26 CEST: mite is stable again for now. We switched our database to a redundant failover server. Please visit Twitter to get the newest updates.

Update V, July 27th, 17:01 CEST: To prevent another hiccup, maintenance will take place tonight.


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